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Stress less image header with dates listed, and snowflakes

Stress Less @ the Library!

During the first week of December, the Library and Knowledge Commons will be promoting mental wellness with activities, snacks, and additional study …

View of the cyclorama set up from the control booth.

Studio G.’s Cyclorama

Studio G., named in honor of beloved long-time staffer John Gunther, houses our  “GreenScreen Cyclorama.” Some folks may be familiar with the term “cyclorama” as a mechanism used to create a “seamless” backdrop, also sometimes referred to as an “infinity wall.”

Christina Choe’s “I Am John Wayne”

Watch the entirety of “I Am John Wayne” a short by filmmaker (and HC Alumn) Christina Choe. [vimeo][/vimeo] Read an interview with …

The Many Places of Reverb

[youtube][/youtube] This dorky video fabulously demonstrates the power of place in making a sound recording. Without any processing other than editing, the …

Collecting & Preserving Code

What happens when archives and museums want to preserve something intangible, ephemeral (and possibly destined-for-obsolecence)? The Smithsonian Institute’s National Design Museum, Cooper-Hewitt, …