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Archives: Windows into Lives

There are many unforeseen revelations I’ve had since starting my work in archives. Some of them have been sparked through observing the …

Archive your Div III!

Div III season is here!! At least, partly. Many of you are wrapping up your work this fall. The Harold F. Johnson …

image of archival boxes.

American Archives Month

American Archives Month: Hi! My name is Emily Moran. I’m the Archive Alumni Fellow here at Hampshire and this is my first …

Archive Your Div III

Attention, all graduating Div III students! We know there’s a lot going on as you finish up your Div III, between holding …

Covers of Div IIIs related to the Engage conference at Hampshire College

Generating Change: Div III’s ENGAGING Us All

Explore the scholarly work produced by Hampshire students during the course of the College’s history. The library has curated a display of Division III’s from the library’s collection that study and explore racism and white supremacy, classism, islamophobia, anti-semitism, transphobia, sexism, ableism, and oppression in many forms. Visit the physical exhibit in the Harold F. Johnson Library. See our digital collection online