Hampshire S22 Grads – Consider Preserving Your DIV III in the Archives!

Congratulations to all of the Hampshire students passing their DIV III this semester!

The Hampshire College Archives would like to ask you to consider donating your DIV III work for preservation. DIV IIIs speak not only to the immense talent and intellectual curiosity of Hampshire’s student body, but also enrich the scholarly atmosphere and academic reach of the College. When you donate a version of your work to the DIV III Archive we maintain and provide access to your work in perpetuity – this means that if you ever need a copy of your work, you can request one from us; it also means future Hampshire students can refer to your work in their own research.

Please find more information on the DIV III submission process here: https://www.hampshire.edu/library/the-div-iii-archive-submission-instructions

In a nutshell – there are two electronic submission processes – one for a single PDF submission (in the case of stand-alone papers) and another for DIV IIIs that have multiple associated files (in the case of multimedia or A/V submissions).

For DIV III projects that require transferring larger digital files (over 4GB) and for projects that are non-digital or non-traditional formats, please consult with the archives on how best to submit your work. Also, for fans of good old fashioned bound books, you can submit a printed copy of your DIV III paper to the Library and we will bind it and include it on the shelves in the DIV III showcase.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems with the submission process, please contact the College Archivist at archives@hampshire.edu or strujillo@hampshire.edu and we will make sure that your DIV III is preserved one way or another.

Thank you for your consideration and congratulations on all of your hard work!

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