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There are over 200+ zines covering 90’s and early 00’s angst, advice, music reviews and various other topics and musings that are in the process of being scanned at cataloged. This week, the archives has decided to highlight a few of the zines for you all:

Self Portrait: 

This zine is from a collection of zines that were donated and created by the Art Club at Greenfield Community College. This zine is a compilations of self portraits of and by Karen Chapman, Hannah Chase, Hannah Davidson, Robin Hoffman, Margo Jansen, Julienne Jones, Phu Minh Kien, Kathy Maisto, Kristina McComb, Lou Peugh, Katy Robbins, Linda Romano, Jen Simms. Each self-portrait is unique and uses different styles/mediums. The zine cover is textured paper and is bound with a string.


This zine is a 40 page comic that explores the evolution of a queer romance. It is a sweet and uplifting read that takes you on the author’s journey finding new love while sustaining an establishing and caring partnership. This is one of two comics by the author Hazel Newlevant that will be added to our collection. You can find more information about their works here:

Black Space:

This is a mini zine by N.K Jemsin, who also goes by the name AlexSarah. The zine begins with a quote, “We all have futures. We all have pasts. We all have stories. And we all, every single one of us, no matter who we are and no matter what’s been taken from us or what poison we’ve internalized or how hard we’ve had to work to expel it. We all get to dream”. The zine is a compilation of images of Black celebrities and Black characters from films. This is one of 3 zines by this author, all of which focus on Black women, celebrities, and musings on ancestors.

The Disappearance:

This is one of a few zines that read like artist books. It is a non-linear comic by Jerel Dye. This science-fiction comic It opens almost like an envelope and feels delicate. Inside contains 8 folded comics. On the outside of each comic is a drawing and a statement. One of the unopened comics reads: “They remind me of bones, washed clean by the sun and wind” with a sketch of stone remains.

I hope you’ll come check out our new additions to our collection once we’re all able to be back on campus! For now, you can see what we have via our wordpress: The website will continue to be updated.


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