Archive your Div III!

Div III season is here!! At least, partly.

Many of you are wrapping up your work this fall. The Harold F. Johnson Library houses many Div IIIs in our archives, some of them are accessible one the first and second floor of the library. No matter the format, we’d love for them to be submitted! ~Here is the form~

It is important to submit Div IIIs so students in the future can access and use them to inform their studies at Hampshire. Now that Div IIIs are available and searchable via Compass, people all over the globe are able to access Div III work. Your Div III could show up for searches on particular subjects based on the tags and be used for further research and exploration. However, if you have reservations about having your work being open to the public, we can make it community access only. This means that researchers must have a current Hampshire ID and password to access the work.


Currently on Compass, which is a digital repository that holds various archival collections from Mt. Holyoke, Smith and Hampshire, the most popular collection is the Div III collection. This speaks volumes about the importance and relevance of student work here at Hampshire. Div IIIs have only been on Compass since the fall of 2018 since they had been migrated from our previous digital platform. The impact that student work as made is already significant.

There is much that needs to be done in regards to acquiring and making DIv IIIs more accessible and a more built-in part of the Hampshire divisional process. However, anything that we can acquire now will be beneficial down the road when we have more centralized and accessible platform for Div IIIs submissions. Div IIIs are housed differently at this moment—most print Div IIIs before the year 2006 are viewable on the first and second floor of the library. Div IIIs after 2006 have been moved onto Compass unless students specifically request to have them bound. There are also some that are housed in our archives and special collections. Everything that we have that is accessible is listed and searchable on the library catalog.

If you’d like to talk or learn more about Div IIIs, we would love for you to reach out!

Jes Neal and I share infobar sessions on the first floor of the library every Thursday from 2:30-5pm. We’d love to speak to anyone regardless of whether or not it is a question, curiosity Div III, not Div III, misc. archive related. We are here to support you and would like to connect you to resources you need or if you just want to chat.

You can also reach us by appointment this way:

Jes Neal, College Archivist:

Emily Moran, Archive Alumni Fellow:

Or email our shared account:

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