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Fall workshops: Making the Div II to Div III jump

The library is presenting 4 workshops for Division III students: Managing and protecting your research, Expert media advice, Working with field notes and data, and How to share your process & final project.

Image of pies of Happy Pie Day event!

Pi day at Hampshire

Librarians attended Pi Day celebrations hosted by the School of Natural Science today where we ate sweet & savor pies, heard recitations …

National Day of Unplugging: March 7-8

  “The anxiety of unplugging and why we should disconnect to connect“ Clinical psychologist Catherine Steiner-Adair, author of The Big Disconnect, studies why …

Have questions? Ask librarians at the Info bar, Mon-Thu, at 1-6 pm

Librarians at the InfoBar

Librarians are available for walk-in help at the InfoBar, on the first floor of the Harold F.  Johnson Library, weekday afternoons. We can …