f.lux: “makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day”

flux-icon-smEver notice the blue glow coming from your computer screen? Wonder how it’s affecting you, especially your ability to wind down and sleep after using brightly lit screens for hours?

F.lux (http://justgetflux.com/) is software to adjust your computer’s display to the time of day, and help naturalize the glow – use it to help you sleep better, or use to make your display look better.

The folks from F.lux have also done some great research on why blue light affect sleep, for more information:

The experimental research suggests that an average person reading on a tablet for a couple hours before bed may find that their sleep is delayed by about an hour. Clearly, the details are complicated, but that’s why we get to cite so many very interesting papers.

Source: http://justgetflux.com/research.html

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