Staff Picks Week 3: Drawful

Welcome to week two of Staff Picks: Work-from-Home edition! In this series, our library staff will be recommending some of our favorite books, movies, TV shows, games, podcasts…all kinds of fun stuff that have been entertaining us since we’ve been working from home. This week, a video game recommendation from John Bruner, of Media Labs Fame–the game Drawful!

Drawful owl logoFrom John: “It’s a fun game that you can play while online that feels like you’re in person. It’s also good to play with kids.”

From Jackbox Games: “In Drawful, each player receives a weird and unique prompt that they must try to draw on their mobile device (without the aid of an eraser). After each “artist” presents their work, everyone else anonymously submits a title that could fit this bizarre drawing. Your goal is to somehow find the correct prompt while fooling other players into selecting your decoy answer. Bonus points are awarded to those who submitted decoys that are especially clever or dumb… it’s usually the dumb ones.

It’s the perfect game for parties and streams where you want to reach peak goofiness. Just remember to bring your best drawing finger.”

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