3D Printing in the Library Media Labs!

Rejoice! Hampshire community members now have the option to 3D print for free in the Library Media Labs!

More information about 3D printing on the UP Mini 2 in B5 Lab

The library received a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation which funded many new and excited media purchases, including the new, small-scale 3D printer: UP Mini 2.

Click Here for more information on the UP Mini 2.

Prints can take anywhere from 1 to 13 hours, and things can definitely go wrong during the printing process. If you are interested in creating 3D objects and/or printing them, get in touch with the Library Media Labs staff for training on how to use the equipment.

Related equipment include a photogrammetry scanner, 3D scanner, Cintiq Wacom tablet and high resolution 3D modeling software.

Take advantage of all of the resources the Hampshire Library Media Labs have to offer!

NOTICE: Free printing does not apply to the FormLabs 3D Printer

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