Founders Oral History Collection: Ken Rosenthal Remembers the Founding Years

Deep in the Hampshire College Archives, nestled among boxes of presidential papers and student newspapers, is a collection that reveals the deep relationships, long vision, activism and ambition of the founders of Hampshire College. This history is preserved, and accessible, thanks to the foresight of historian Amy Mittelman, who has conducted critical oral history interviews with Hampshire College’s founding members, with the support of the Office of the President and Secretary of the College, Beth Ward.

Librarians like Susan Dayall, Angelina Altobellis, and Abigail Baines have worked through the years to preserve these oral histories, transcribe them, and make them available online in the Founders Oral History Collection. While we have much work to do to get them fully accessible, we are thrilled to be able to share the full transcript of the oral history with Ken Rosenthal that is the basis of this wonderful article by John Courtmanche in Hampshire’s Office of Communications:

Oral History: Ken Rosenthal Remembers the Founding Years 

Ken Rosenthal with alum Karina Rosenstein
Ken Rosenthal (bottom left)


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