Preparing for your Final Meeting

In preparing for your final Division II meeting, you need to do the following:

1)    Make sure Central Records has a complete list of your courses and evaluated experiences ready for you to select on your contract. That is, if you have done an internship or other non-course evaluated experience that you want on your transcript, make sure your supervisor has sent an evaluation and that it is a box for you to check when you revise your contract.

2)    Make sure your CEL-2 forms are done and your supervisor has verified your work.

3)    Make sure you and your committee members are happy with your contract. You need the contract to reflect the work. It must be revised in the last semester of Div II to include all your evaluated learning experiences. Instead of helping guide your committee in advising, the contract becomes a final description of your concentration and a guide to the portfolio. All courses and other evaluated experiences you are including should be checked, the community service and MCP should be accurate, and the description of the concentration should be as you would want it to be in your evaluation. Revise it on the Hub and contact your chair and member(s) to review and approve it.

4)    Make it clear in your contract how you met your multiple cultural perspective expectation and your CEL-2

5)    Finish preparing your Div II portfolio and get copies to your chair and member(s) at an agreed upon date (generally 1-2 weeks before the final meeting). You must give one copy to each of the faculty. You will get one copy back after your final meeting!!!
Of course, if it is an e-portfolio, you will share the URL.

6)    For your final meeting, be prepared to talk about the nature of the concentration (how would you describe it to the outside world?) and your learning. Also expect to discuss how your Division II leads to a possible Division III project. Use the meeting to help you organize your thoughts about Div III.