Monthly Prize – October

game-prizesEach month one person who visits the site and answers the trivia question will be selected at random to win a $25 gift certificate to an area restaurant, grocery store or movie theater of their choice.
October’s question: What was your favorite Halloween costume of all time and how old were you when you wore it?

4 thoughts on “Monthly Prize – October

  1. Last year, I was fem!Jayne Cobb from Firefly. I had the hat, and I got to wear kickass boots and cargo pants. Oddly enough, I started acting like Jayne too…

  2. When I was 10 years old I was a dead hippie in a coffin. I dressed up like the stereotypical hippie, pained my face to look like a skeleton and my dad helped me make a cardboard coffin that i was able to wear like a backpack. I had a little window for my face and everything!

  3. My favorite Halloween costume was one that I didn’t actually wear myself, but I can still vividly recall the photographs of my little sister’s first Halloween costume which consisted of a cute witch hat and a diaper. The smile on her face in that photograph is so mischievous that it seems to sum her up pretty well over the years.

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