Welcome to the Div II at Hampshire site and blog!

This site was created in order to bring resources, tips, and news for Division II students together all in one place. If you have ideas about what would be helpful to post to this site, email Laura Wenk at lwenk@hampshire.edu.

If you came to this page to understand more about what Division II is:

Division II is the core of your education at Hampshire College. You develop your own concentration by asking questions, developing goals, and exploring your chosen field(s) of emphasis. You work closely with your Division II committee to design and carry out your  program of courses, independent work, practical experiences, global experiences, and internships or field studies.

While completing your concentration, you are asked to consider multiple cultural perspectives and to engage with the community. Ideally, both of these requirements connect closely to what you are doing and enhance your concentration.

Sometimes students expect to find the exact courses that connect to their very individual questions. That sometimes happens. Other times your interests cut across fields and your questions don’t map onto specific courses. In either case, the real work of Division II is to integrate ideas across your experiences. It is your job to reflect, talk to your professors in class an out, organize committee meetings, and make sure you are making sense of all you are learning to forge your path and develop your thinking and your skills.