Monthly Prize for November

game-prizesEach month one person who visits the site and answers the trivia question will be selected at random to win a $25 gift certificate to an area restaurant, grocery store or movie theater of their choice.

November’s Question: As you begin to choose courses and other experiences for next semester, what are you most looking forward to doing?

3 thoughts on “Monthly Prize for November

  1. I’m most looking forward to seeing which of the really disparate plans I have for next semester actually comes to fruition. They’re all so interesting but totally different from one another, it will be cool to see where they take me,

  2. I am most looking forward to re-evaluating my time commitments and having a chance to rebuild my schedule. I will be able to more effectively prioritize my time and refine what I actually want to do while at Hampshire. I am also excited to possible do an independent study.

  3. I am most looking forward to picking classes with less reading. I do this every semester and it never works out the way I plan. I just have so many books waiting to be read out of class I would rather concentrate on those and explore different ways of learning and gathering information in class. Also looking forward to bouncing ideas off of my committee!

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