Finding a Committee

It is a good idea to speak with faculty about your ideas for Division II as early as the semester before you plan to file your Division II contract. The more you are on a faculty member’s radar screen, the more likely you will get to work with them. Plus, discussions with faculty will help you hone your ideas and draft your contract. Remember, Hampshire faculty expect you to knock on their doors and go to their office hours to talk about Division II. Having those conversations with you is part of their job!

Think about faculty you have taken courses with, folks who teach and do research in the field(s) you are interested in, and faculty who will be good advisors to you more generally. They might have advise about time management, about how to improve your writing, they might help you think about internships or other practical experiences. In Division II you need faculty to help you think about the kinds of experiences that will move you forward in your work. Your committee chair and member do not have to do the exact kind of work you want to do.

If you are considering fields that have an application deadline, make sure you are discussing the procedures with faculty and staff in those fields – e.g. film/photo/video, theater, writing.

For ALL F13 entrants plus any F14 transfer students:

By October 17th you must submit a Division II Chair request on the Hub.

Between October 18th and November 5th, Faculty and deans work to compare lists, determine best fits, and make sure every student has a Division II chair.

You will be notified of your chair who will work with you to find a member (if you don’t already have one through this process and your discussion with faculty).