Engage — the 2015 CORC Gallery show

EnŸgage (v)To occupy oneself, participate or become involved

“Non Satis Scire,” to know is not enough. Hampshire students take their learning out of the classroom and into the world – experimenting, observing, and most of all asking, “How can I make a difference?”  We invite you to enjoy Engage, the 2015 CORC Gallery show, featuring snapshots of Hampshire students participating in summer internships.

Where: CORC Office, 3rd Floor Library
When: Tuesday, February 10th, 3:30-5:30

Light refreshments, tea, and coffee will be served.

Please call with any questions: 413.559.5445.

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!

Doing CEL-2

communityYour CEL-2 is negotiated with your committee. Make sure you are talking with them about the kinds of experiences that would help you make a connection between your academics and the wider community. Might you take a course with a community engaged experience, do an internship, be placed with a local or national organization, or help with a community program based on campus? The activity can be on or off campus and could connect to something you are already doing.

CEL-2 is different from CEL-1. There is no website to sign up. The options are broader and might connect to your academic interests. Here are some examples of things students have done:

  1. Worked on a “Day at Hampshire College” (a college awareness and access program through CYL)
  2. Helped out in an afterschool program or classroom
  3. Worked at local survival centers or food pantries
  4. Worked at reproductive health conferences or agencies
  5. Worked on local farms or at the Hampshire Farm
  6. Worked on local housing justice campaigns
  7. Taught music or voice lessons to youth or college students
  8. Worked on theater productions
  9. Created web pages for local nonprofits
  10. Did research for a nonprofit
  11. Created dance programs in local senior centers or prisons
  12. Did a book drive for local schools or family centers
  13. Worked on a research journal through Five Colleges
  14. Served as a Teaching Assistant
  15. Was a signer for a club or ran an EPEC class


To find a placement, you can visit one of these offices: Community Partnerships for Social Change in FPH,  CORC in the Library, CYL office in Lemelson, Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program in FPH, Culture Brain and Development Program, or any other academic program.

After you have an idea of what you would like to do, talk to your advisor and add the activity on the Hub (add a CEL-2 activity is a menu item on your Div II tab). Make sure you talk to the potential sponsor and include their email on the Hub.

For more details, visit cel2.hampshire.edu