Welcome to Div 2 at Hampshire

Welcome Div II at Hampshire!

Div II is an exciting time – you create, along with your committee, your program of study. You take courses and pursue other out-of-class activities that move you along according to your goals for your own learning. It is a time of learning deep content knowledge, developing skills and abilities, honing your questions, and taking advantage of all there is to offer at Hampshire, in the Five Colleges, and beyond.

Div II comes with its own challenges – finding resources and putting your ideas together across experiences are the main ones. Of course, you will also want to find like-minded people who share your interests and who might help lead you to resources.

This blog and these pages are designed to help you do all of that – giving periodic tips about how to engage in the reflection and integrative thinking that helps you find direction, announcing events, pointing you towards resources, etc.

Visit regularly as content will change!