CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The 2019-2020 Five College Undergraduate Digital Humanities Fellowship

The Five College program in Blended Learning and Digital Humanities is pleased to announce that our Undergraduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities is accepting applications for the 2019-2020 academic year. Junior and senior undergraduate students (and exceptional sophomores) at any of the Five Colleges are invited to submit proposals for creative and/or scholarly projects that draw together the humanities and substantial work with digital resources and/or technologies. Up to five fellowships will be awarded. The Student Fellowship includes a $1000 educational stipend and support for research expenses (up to $500). Final projects will be presented at our spring symposium on April 23rd, 2020, and all materials are due no later than June 15th, 2020. Visit our Call For Applications webpage here.

What is (or are) the digital humanities? In the Five Colleges, digital humanitiesrefers less to a specific field and more to a collection of interests, practices, and questions about current and historical interactions between humanities research and digital resources and computing technologies. Because of this wide and interdisciplinary scope, the range of potentially successful fellowship applications is also broad. For instance, projects might focus on digital mapping, computational arts in installation or performance, database or web resource design, or the interpretive study of the humanities’ relationship with digital technologies. In all cases, proposed projects should result in a piece of independent and original work that can be shared with the community, whether that be scholarly research, a curated exhibit, a multimedia performance, or a piece of software.

Digital humanities projects rarely succeed through the work of a single researcher working in isolation, hence interested students are strongly encouraged to seek out and to propose collaborative opportunities across disciplines. Preference in fellowship awards will be given to proposals that include interdisciplinary collaborators, be they fellow students with similar interests or useful skills, research librarians, instructional technologists, or faculty members. While proposed projects should deal principally with questions related to the humanities, student applicants do not have to be humanities majors or concentrators at their institutions.

If you are curious about the Student Fellows program and want to learn more, please visit our Student Fellowships Webpage and the FAQs at the bottom of the page.

All applications are due by Friday, December 6, 2019 at 9:00pm (EST). A direct link to the application form is here. Please note that late applications or applications sent any way other than the link above will not be accepted.

The application form includes the following questions:

  1. Describe your project including details about a timeline and possible collaborators. (750 words maximum).
  2. What are your goals and plans for the output of your project?
  3. What other projects exist that are similar to yours or explore similar questions?
  4. Describe your scholarly and/or creative background and your preparation for this project. (500 words maximum).
  5. Create an outline of the project’s timeline.
  6. If supplies and/or training are expected, propose an itemized budget. Funding for supplies or other research expenses may not exceed $500.
  7. Provide the name and email address of a faculty member who can speak to the strengths, weaknesses, and overall outcome of your project.


Grants Info Session

Students interested in funding opportunities for independent projects, divisional work, or internship/volunteer positions are encouraged to attend a “Grants Info Session” on Thursday (March 7th) in Kern 202 (12-1:30pm). The event is hosted by managers of student funds from across campus; and will feature presentations of funding opportunities from several departments. Students will also learn how to write a strong proposal and create a budget.

This event is open to all students in all divisions. Lunch will be provided.

Making the Leap to Div III – Library Workshops






Download the flyer MAKING THE DIV 2 TO DIV 3 LEAP (pdf)

Digital Humanities Student Workshop

Come for a workshop with Professor Sonya Donaldson

Friday, February 20th, 9:30am-12:00pm

This workshop for students will provide an introduction to digital humanities tools and discourses. Professor Donaldson will give an overview of the digital platform, Omeka, and discuss possibilities for working with other social media tools to represent student work. This workshop is appropriate for students interested in discussing digital humanities as praxis, for students with emerging knowledge of these discourses and tools, as well as students who are new to digital humanities tools and discourses. Interested students should contact Jackie Jeffery at to register.

Five College Center for the Study of World Language – Advising Information

The new Five College Language Portal lists ALL languages offered among the Five Colleges with links to the offering department or program. There are over 60 languages offered in the consortium.  Here is a link to the portal:

  • The Five College Center for the Study of World Languages offers courses in over 35 less-commonly studied languages.  Enrollment information is online here:

Comprehensive “mentored” courses covering speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills are offered for:

  •                 Hindi
  •                 Swahili
  •                 Turkish
  •                 Persian
  •                 Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian

Independent study courses focusing on oral skills development are offered in: Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic,  Bangla/Bengali, Burmese, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, Filipino/Tagalog, Georgian, Modern Greek, Haitian Creole, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Modern Irish, Khmer, Malay, Mongolian, Nepali, Norwegian,  Pashto, Romanian, Shona, Sinhala, Thai, Tibetan, Twi, Urdu, Vietnamese, Wolof, Zulu (other languages may be added; sometimes language availability changes)

FAQ about Five College Center for the Study of World Language Courses

How does a student register?  All languages offered by the center require submission of a brief application. Depending upon the language, students also have to either complete an online orientation tutorial or schedule an interview/conversation about how the course will work. When Hampshire students are admitted, students sign a learning contract, receive a signed instructor permission form from the center, and do a Five College request for the course through the HUB. (The campus for the request is UMass; the department is “Five College Center for the Study of World Languages”. )

Application details are online here:

When and where do sessions meet? Courses meet across all five campuses. When Fall 2015 pre-registration information is posted in late March, there will be some pre-determined times/locations listed for the most highly enrolled courses, such as beginning level courses in Hindi, Swahili, Turkish and Persian. For other courses, students will submit schedule information after pre-registration and will be assigned permanent session times and locations that work with their schedules.

What is the course format? Five College Center for the Study of World Language courses are offered using one-on-one tutorials and small group conversation sessions. The session formats vary by language.  Each course has an established syllabus; mentored courses also have detailed study guides. Some students choose to work faster than the assigned syllabus  in order to meet personal goals. This is fine and can be discussed with the program director.

What if I already have experience with the language I want to study? File an application and the program director will work with you to arrange for placement in an appropriate course.

I am looking at the online course catalog and only see lower-level courses in the language I want, do you offer higher-level courses?  For many languages, the center can arrange intermediate and advanced courses on a case by case basis. Students who need something other than what is listed online should contact center staff about the options for their language. The earlier such contact is made, the more likely we are to be able to make a course possible.

Is there a fee for taking these courses?  Enrollment for these courses is covered by regular tuition for Five College students who are matriculated for a degree. There are no special course fees. Students enroll in these courses in the same way as for other academic courses in the Five College Consortium.

Advisors and students should feel free to call the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages with questions. Our number is 413-542-5264; or email You can also stop by the new center in downtown Amherst at 79 South Pleasant St. (right beside Collective Copies).


Engage — the 2015 CORC Gallery show

EnŸgage (v)To occupy oneself, participate or become involved

“Non Satis Scire,” to know is not enough. Hampshire students take their learning out of the classroom and into the world – experimenting, observing, and most of all asking, “How can I make a difference?”  We invite you to enjoy Engage, the 2015 CORC Gallery show, featuring snapshots of Hampshire students participating in summer internships.

Where: CORC Office, 3rd Floor Library
When: Tuesday, February 10th, 3:30-5:30

Light refreshments, tea, and coffee will be served.

Please call with any questions: 413.559.5445.

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!

Global Connections Event

Postponed to Monday February 16th 3:30 – 5:00

The Global Education Office’s second annual Global Connections event is in the Prescott Tavern.  This event brings returning study abroad students and international students together to share their intercultural personal experiences and perspectives.  There will be a series of large and small group activities that encourage reflection, foster connections, and give attendees a space through which they can begin to translate what they have learned.

Finalist photographs from the 2014 GEO See(n) Photo Contest will also be on display.  Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.