Doing Div II

Division II is your negotiated, individualized plan of study. The number of choices to make is exciting to some people, unsettling to others.

Div II is a fabulous part of your study here, because it allows you to consider your interests, articulate your questions, and set goals for your own learning. You have the ability to adjust your goals over time as you assess your own learning and add new questions throughout Div II. At the end of Div II, you think across all your experiences to consider how your ideas have changed, why they have changed, and what meaning you have taken from the sum total of your experiences. This is very different from what students in other colleges are asked to do with their majors. It is totally geared to help you dig in to questions that matter to you!

Div II is not only a time to answer your questions and gain valuable experiences, it is also a time to develop the skills that prepare you for a large capstone experience – Div III. You want to make sure you are learning to manage a project, manage your time, write about ideas to create an argument, and develop important research methodologies, as well as develop connections to potential community partners for your Div III.

Division II is a 4 semester endeavor. There are a number of things you need to do as you progress through Division II. Of course, most of “doing Div II” is completing the experiences that help you answer your questions and develop the skills and abilities you set out to gain (and more). But there are thing you do as you go along that help you plan your Division II and make meaning of your experiences.