Guidelines and Handouts for Division II

Handouts for Students

These handouts have been created by faculty – individuals and groups working together. Use them as is or adapt. Feel free to send yours to for inclusion here.

Guidelines for filings Div II

Guidelines for Div II from CS Faculty (pdf) This document was created by a group of CS faculty

Division II Concentration and Contract Guidelines from CSI (.pdf)

Dance Program Divisional Advising Guidelines (pdf) contains information about both Division II and III in dance.

Guidelines for a Division II Concentration in the Sculpture Program (Word document)

Beginning Div II

Beginning Division II (pdf). This document makes suggestions to students about crafting a contract, finding faculty members, etc.

Keeping a portfolio

Keeping a DivII Portfolios – Wenk (pdf) Discusses keeping a portfolio throughout Div II instead of waiting to the end and details what kinds of things to keep.

Portfolio Guidelines and Completing Div II

Rachel Rubinstein Div II Passing Checklist (.pdf) for completing Div II (including description of portfolio and retrospective)

Lise Sanders Div II Portfolio Guidelines (.doc)

Junko Oba Div II Portfolio Information

Christoph Cox Division II Portfolio Guidelines (pdf) includes a description of the portfolio and instructions for getting copies to faculty.