Publish in “Teaching and Learning Inquiry”

ISSOTL’s “Teaching & Learning Inquiry” journal goes open access and invites your submissions

Beginning in July 2016, *Teaching & Learning Inquiry*, the official publication of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) will be hosted at the University of Calgary as part of the university’s Open Access publishing program. The 4.2 issue (scheduled for September 2016) will be the first to appear in the new format. Editors Nancy Chick and Gary Poole invite your submissions beginning immediately (see below).
Published twice a year, *TLI* includes insightful research, theory, commentary, and other scholarly works that document or facilitate investigations of teaching and learning in higher education. The journal values quality and variety in its vision of the scholarship of teaching and learning, showcasing the breadth of the interdisciplinary field of SoTL in its explicit methodological pluralism, its call for traditional and new genres, and its international authorship from across career stages.

*TLI*’s move to Open Access (OA) will have a number of advantages. This more accessible format will make the SoTL community’s work more widely available and open up the journal to online-only features. Additionally, OA is congruent with both the ethic of sharing that characterizes the SoTL community and the significant shifts in the scholarly publishing world.

Additional Benefits to TLI Authors and Readers

  • The new level of availability afforded by OA is intended to align *TLI* more closely with the Society’s vision of making exceptional scholarly work available across the globe and will bring a number of benefits to authors and readers.TLI continues to be a venue for the highest quality work in SoTL and will maintain its standards through outstanding peer review and editorial processes <>
  • Its reputation and quality are based on the strength of accepted work, the rigor of review, the standards of the reviewers and editors, and the ongoing wisdom of its Editorial Board < Board>.
  • Submissions to *TLI* will be made through the ISSOTL website <>.
  • There will be no charge for publishing articles.
  • With *TLI*’s new online format, authors will be able to include audio or video files, as well as colour images and photos.
  • Articles can also include supplementary files, including supporting evidence or raw data, survey tools, and coding protocols.
  • Readers will have easy access through live links to resources described in articles, opening the door to interaction between authors and readers. (For instance, authors may link to a feedback form that would send reader responses directly to them.)
  • As an OA journal, *TLI *will give authors complete control over their works through the CC-BY license <> (
  • Authors retain copyright and can store, post, or distribute copies of their work as they please. (*TLI* encourages this broader sharing as a way to bring more readers to the journal.)
  • An open-access *TLI *will comply with the OA mandates of many institutions and funding agencies.

Questions or suggestions about the journal and how to submit an article? Contact Pat Hutchings at