Division III – please make sure your students know about the div3athamp blog. You might find it useful too!

Consult the CASA Division III page for updated guides and calendars.

Division III is about both process and product. Students often consider only the product and can get paralyzed by this. Remind them that they are learning to do such things as:

  • Manage a very big project
  • Communicate with the committee about their ideas
  • Hone the skills they are applying in their Division III’s
  • Consider the work they want to do in the world
  • Set and meet their own goals and expectations for their work
  • Etc. (think with them about what they will accomplish by doing their Div III)

In addition to the Div III project, students must complete 2 advanced educational activities (pdf)

Turning Div III around when students are struggling. Here are some Notes on Talking about Teaching – Turning Div III Around (pdf) from March 2, 2016.

Some tips to share with students when they are stuck (.pdf).

CASA’s Best Practices in Div III for Faculty handout