External Sites of Interest

The Scholarly Teacher Applying evidence-based teaching strategies to improve student learning – blog focuses on the balance between evidence-based approaches and practical application.

Teaching Conferences Directory The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Kennesaw State University keeps a fairly comprehensive list of conferences on teaching and learning – kept chronologically. Searchable.

Pedagogy Unbound is a resource from the Chronicle of Higher Education. It is part of their online service called “Vitae.” Pedagogy Unbound contains teaching tips from others and allows you to post yours.

ABLConnect is a website that the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard has  helped to create in order to collect, curate, and illustrate active learning techniques. Visit for ideas and consider sending your student active teaching ideas. The Derek Bok Center has also released a report on blended learning.

Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts  hosted by Bryn Mawr is a forum for sharing materials, ideas, and best practices related to blended learning in a liberal arts college setting.

University of Central Florida has created a Blended Learning Toolkit.

The Pulse is Inside Higher Ed’s E-Learning Tech podcast, directed by Rod Murray. This site brings the podcasts together. You can also visit Rod’s Pulse page that brings together the audio and some video, polls, and other interactive pieces.

UPenn’s Center for Teaching and Learning and their Weigle Information Commons in the library join to create video and other resources for faculty. This page contains video conversations with faculty about their practices that might be of interest.

José Bowen’s website, Teaching Naked, contains some useful ideas for flipping the classroom. José visited Hampshire last year and spoke with a group of faculty about moving technology outside the classroom in order to deepen the conceptual engagement during class.

Alternative Assessment & Electronic Portfolios – Dr. Helen Barrett’s Favorite Links

Principles and Practices in Electronic Portfolios from the Conference for College Composition and Communication