Welcome Eliza!

We’d like to introduce you to our new Access Services Associate for Media, Eliza Gelinas!
Eliza uses they/ them pronouns and grew up here in Western Massachusetts. They received a Master’s degree from The University of Hartford in the Spring of 2021, with a concentration in music composition. At The Hartt School of Music, Eliza organized multiple concerts, scored music for a theater production, and produced a collection of audio-visual projects that feature dance, animation and poetry. Their Master’s thesis project was a multimedia visual album called GRAY AREA that addressed concepts of gender, mental health and post-capitalist society through the lens of cute animated characters and experimental electronic music. This work has recently been displayed at The DIY Film Festival in Long Beach, CA, House of Shadows Gallery in Tampa, FL, Composer’s Festival of Hartford, CT, and at the University of Berlin, Studium Generale. Integrating multiple forms of media, sound production and craft to help fully express an artistic vision is a passionate endeavor for Eliza, and the ability to help students achieve this is what drew them to the Media department at Hampshire College.
In their free time, Eliza loves taking care of plants, painting and listening to music. They love to learn all there is to know about a new piece of technology and share it with whoever will listen, which is why they are excited to provide consultations and facilitate workshops for production and live sound equipment as well as assist with media displays for Gallery exhibitions in the Media Services role. Eliza is hoping to empower students to experiment and think outside of the box while instilling a sense of collective ownership and responsibility for equipment and facilities as a shared resource. Please stop by the Media Services office to meet them. The office is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.Photo of new Access Services Associate for Media, Eliza Gelinas

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