“Meet the Library” series: Meet Neil!

Today’s staff profile is of Neil, our Media Services Manager!
Neil (he/him) has several favorite spots on campus including, “Weird Hallway in Basement of FPH, Hoop house zone behind Greenwich mods, Roof patio on top of the Tavern, The Kiva, The outermost western edge of the Pine Forest looking out over the fields, That strange couch corner near the Bridge Cafe in the RCC—overlooking the swimming pool, and the Uppermost Reservoir.”
Neil’s library tip for you is that “A lot of movies that you can’t find streaming online are in the DVD and VHS and film collections of the 5 Colleges—search the catalog and talk to me about how to watch them.”
Neil’s book recommendations are “No Archive Will Restore You” by Julietta Singh, “The Jakarta Method” by Vincent Bevins, and “Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves” by James Nestor.  Outside of Hampshire, Neil spends time making “a lot of noises with musical instruments and junk that i find around, lately I’ve been learning brass instruments like trumpet and euphonium as well as figuring out frame drumming by watching Persian, Arab, Turkic, Indian and Eastern European drum technique videos on youtube and then wandering around the house pattering and thumping on them absent-mindedly. Oh, and making films. And gardening, for eating—I try to have salads and herbs I’ve grown for like 9-10 months out of the year. TMI, I know” (The library greatly benefits when Neil’s garden becomes overrun and he brings extras to the break room.)

Photograph of Neil Young, Media Services Director

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