“Make it Better” summer days at the library

We started a new tradition a few years ago where we find a few days each summer for library staff to collectively “Make it Better”– whatever “it” might be!   We create a spreadsheet, and if people have projects for which help would be appreciated, then they list them, and we all sign up to help Make it Better.  This past Friday, we collectively helped move archival materials to new homes either in a ground-floor storage climate-controlled space or back up to the College Archives on the 3rd floor.   Then we cleaned out the closet in the Access Services shared office, cleaned out the Technical Services area, and cleaned out the Library Main office (we definitely found supplies and materials that must have been there since the Library opened in 1970….!).     We found some fun items for which we will soon have a short series titled, “What is this?!”  and see if you can guess.   Stay tuned!

But for now, here are a few photos below of some of us cleaning and organizing!  You may be pleasantly surprised when you next come in to the library and get a glimpse of some of our behind-the-scenes work areas–now much cleaner, more organized, and contemporary than before!

Library staff clipping dead wires!Library staff cleaning out the Main Office Library staff cleaning out the main office



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