“Meet the Library” series: Meet Rachel

This week we are introducing you to our illustrious Library Director, Rachel!!
Rachel (she/her) says that her favorite place on campus is the Seydel Reading Room on the second floor of the library, which boasts a lovely view of the Div Free Bell. Her library tip is that, “we can help with FUN stuff too, not just your school work—want movie recommendations? Ideas for a great new novel to read? Where the best coffee is within a 5 mile radius? Children’s books to borrow if you’re going home to see small friends? We can help with all of that!” She recommends the poetry collection “How to Love the World: Poems of Gratitude and Hope,” edited by James Crews, which features Hampshire’s own Amy Dryansky!

When she’s not in our library, Rachel loves to travel, and she’s excited “for new adventures post pandemic. I also love going to museums, concerts, and movies, watching professional tennis and basketball, sharing great meals with family and friends. And, now that my three boys are older, I love spending time with all my kids—turns out they’re actually quite charming and fun to hang out with!” Pictured is Rachel and her youngest son Joshua on a trip to Israel right before the pandemic in February 2020.

Director of the Library, Rachel Beckwith, and her son
Rachel and her youngest son, Joshua, on a trip to Israel in February 2020

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