Beyond Hampshire: Matt Newman, Filmmaker

You might know Matt Newman as the production coordinator in Media Services. Outside of Hampshire, though, Matt is an accomplished filmmaker. The Daily Hampshire Gazette recently chatted with him about the creative process behind his music videos for indie bands. Here are some of the highlights of the interview, and be sure to read the whole thing over at the Gazette.

© Carol Lollis for the Daily Hampshire Gazette


On his latest work: I just finished a music video, “I Dream in Lines,” for the Boston band Astronoid that Stereogum described as a sort of fever dream viewing.  I would say that most of my work could be classified or described in this way.

On making the most out of mistakes: I love and actively work to embrace the mistake. I believe heavily in chance happenings in art, and I find that some of my favorite moments in my work were born of mistakes that I embraced and followed up on.”

On his love for the Valley: “I love working in Western Mass with local crew and talent.”

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