New peer mentoring course! CS 289: Peer Mentoring in the Knowledge Commons

Are you interested in contributing to a culture & practice of academic support at Hampshire? Do you want to become a peer mentor in the Knowledge Commons (KC) next year? If so, we hope you’ll apply for CS 289, a course on peer mentoring in the KC, which will be offered in Spring 2019.

The course will prepare students to become peer mentors for the Knowledge Commons. Although there is some mentoring this semester (to complete assignments in the course), students must be willing to commit to being peer mentors in the Fall of 2019. In the course, we will engage research on student learning and the value of mentoring relationships, explore how to facilitate learning in these relationships, develop an understanding of what it means to be in a mentoring role, and observe and learn from mentors in action.

In smaller groups, students will apprentice as mentors for a specific Knowledge Commons program, choosing among:
Gallery – curatorial and installation support
Holistic Learning Program – help students respond to a desire for academic self-improvement through support with academic tools and strategies, goal-setting, and problem-solving
Library Media Labs – media production and maker space support
Quantitative Resource Center – peer tutoring in mathematics, statistics, and coding
Research and Technology – support with research and technology use for academic projects

To enroll in the course, students must complete a short survey and have a faculty recommendation. If you have questions, or just want to learn more, contact for more information.

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