Counter Intelligence: Rachel Beckwith

Counter Intelligence is a series that introduces the intelligent (get it?) people that provide research help at the InfoBar. 

I drink my coffee black every morning.

Head shot of Rachel Beckwith.
Rachel Beckwith by Andrew Hart.

Rachel Beckwith: Interim Director of the Library & Knowledge Commons and Access and Arts Librarian

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: State College, PA

Academic Specialty: visual art, art history, music, dance, theater, architecture, creative writing, etc.

If you need research help for an IA or HACU class, you can find Rachel at the desk on Mondays from noon to 2:30pm. She can help you with everything from developing a topic to finding scholarly journal articles to help with interlibrary loan requests, help with citations, and citation management. She also know some cool fun facts about the Berkshires, which she calls home. Here’s one: 100% of U.S. currency paper is manufactured there.

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