Most often checked out: games!

Featured in The Harold printed newsletter: Issue 1 – Fall 2018

Playing cards from the game Seven Wonders, displayed on a table.
Playing cards from the game 7 Wonders. Photo by Amanda Saklad.

Need a study break? Try some gamesmanship!

How many times a game’s been checked out doesn’t always indicate its rank in popularity – after all, we’ve had some longer than we’ve had others — but here’s a list of the games checked out most often:

  1. Pandemic: 56 check outs!
  2. Munchkin: 50
  3. The Settlers of Catan: 49
  4. Bananagrams: 46
  5. Ticket to Ride: 45
  6. Splendor: 33
  7. King of Tokyo: 32
  8. Scrabble: 32
  9. Forbidden Island: 30
  10. 7 Wonders: 26

Check out more board & video games at the library!

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