Treasures of Google Drive with Instructional Technology

[IMAGE TEXT]: Come and discover the academic treasures of Google Drive! Easy research and writing tools, keep track of notes and quotes, organize your materials, & much more! Sunday 2/18, KC Classroom, 2:30-4PM, Instructional Technology + the Knowledge Commons
Are you overwhelmed by the amount of paper notes you have? Having trouble keeping track of all your citations? Looking for more efficient ways to organize your research and projects? Bring yourself and your work to the KC Classroom from 2:30-4:00PM on SUNDAY (2/18) to develop a digital toolkit for doing academic work through an easy entry point: the Google Drive.

Through your Hampshire College email, you already have access to a Google Drive with unlimited storage with a number of useful tools for organizing your research, creating comfortable writing environments, and much more! Come learn about the power of assistive and educational technology with the Knowledge Commons Instructional Technology Alumni Fellow while developing creative ways to work with what you already have.

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