Generating Change: Div III’s ENGAGING Us All

Explore Division III’s from the library’s collection that study and explore racism and white supremacy, classism, islamophobia, anti-semitism, transphobia, sexism, ableism, and oppression in many forms. The scholarship of Hampshire students reflect  engagement. Visit the physical exhibit in the Harold F. Johnson Library and see our digital exhibit below.

Covers of Div IIIs related to the Engage conference at Hampshire College
Select covers of Div IIIs related to the Engage conference at Hampshire College. Click to see more Div III works with content relevant to the Engage conference subject matter.

See the full list here of Div III works in the digital repository related to the Engage conference »

Pick a keyword below and see Div IIIs from the Five College Compass: Digital Collections online repository where you can access the digital library of Hampshire College.

In their final year at Hampshire, students undertake a major independent study project with the guidance of a faculty committee. The project might be a body of writing, art, or performance; or scholarly or scientific research. The final product is referred to as the Division III project, or “Div III.” The Division III Archive, maintained by the Harold F. Johnson Library at Hampshire, preserves and provides access to these works in perpetuity. Works are submitted by their creators. The Division III Archive online contains works from 2006 to the present. Print copies of text-based Division III projects submitted to the Library by students from 1971-2014 are available on the second floor of the Library, or in the Div III Showcase on the Library’s main floor.

The entire, physical & digital, Div III archive can be browsed online in the Five College Libraries catalog »

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