What do library InfoBar employees do, you ask?!

We rely on our student employees so much at the Library InfoBar that in fact we could never operate the library without them.    If you’ve ever wondered, during the quiet times when they are at the desk waiting for patrons, what else our valued student employees do, here a few of the things that keep them busy:

  • 60,522 books were re-shelved this past year
  • 907 books that were on reserve were checked out this past year
  • 101 dvds that were on reserve were checked out this past year
  • 33,243 items were pulled from our shelves and lent to Amherst, Smith, and Mt. Holyoke Colleges and U. Mass, Amherst this past year
  • the library has been able to remain open until midnight during the regular semesters and stay open until 4 am during our late-night study weeks this past year (the late-night study and Ask the Experts sessions are starting now for this semester– come in tonight from 7-9 pm for free popcorn and speaking/ presenting & media advice plus the Writing Center has help hours from 6-10 pm… and the library itself will be open until 4 am!).

photo 1

So the next time you walk past the Library InfoBar, feel free to take a moment and thank our student employees for all that they do!       We hope to see you here a lot for free popcorn and research, speaking, and media help during this last part of the semester.   We are open and here for you, so please use us!

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