embryology Islam the Rationalizer PZ Myers

World famous embryologist PZ Myers proves the Quran is man made

A video blog from the Rationalizer that shows a clip from a discussion of PZ Myers and Adnan Rashid in Dublin in 2011 and examines more closely the Arabic word “thumma” and the sequence of development they are discussing.

28 Jun 2011

scientific miracles in the quran, Hamza Tzortzis and Imran Hussein

There are no scientific miracles in the Quran, part 2

Hamza Tzortzis and Imran Hussein present their multi-layered, multi-level approach to interpreting scientific miracles in the Qurʾān.

7 Oct 2015

World Atheist Convention 2011, Ireland Hamze Andreas Tzortzis

iERA Challenges Prof. Myers, Maryam Namazie & Richard Dawkins

This video compilation shows interactions between the Hamza Tzortzis and Adnan Rashid and three atheist scholars at the World Atheist Convention 2011 in Dublin Ireland, June 2011.

28 Oct 2012

Quran miracle debunked: Embryology

Quran miracle debunked: Embryology

Comedic vlog by ExmuslimNFree shows Muslims arguing with non-Muslims about whether the information in the Qurʾān commonly presented as miraculous details about embryology are A) miraculous and B) correct understandings of embryology.

28 Sep 2011

Muhammad Alagroudy (al-ʿAjrūdī or el-ʿAgrūdī)

Quran & Science Part II : Embryology

This video presents vague ideas about embryology and the Qurʾān, comparing Qurʾānic material (not always in English) to the history of the understanding of human fertilization.

6 Feb 2012

embryology Hamza Tzortzis CaptainDisguise

Embryology in the Quran Much Ado About Nothing – Hamza Tzortzis Refuted

This vlog looks at Hamza Tzortzis’ construction of embryology in the Qurʾān and engages Tzortzis in a discussion about the word nuṭfah.

22 Sep 2012

Nouman Ali Khan, embryology

Embryology in the Quran

In this brief clip from a longer video, Nouman Ali Khan presents information about verse 96:2 from the Qurʾān and uses it to explain the term ʿalaq.

12 Oct 2014

embryology, quran, 'alaqah Talk Islam

Embryo = Leech | Amazing Quran Miracle | #Mindblow

This brief video by Talk Islam discusses one of the stages of human embryonic development as portrayed in the Qurʾān (23:12-14). The focus here is on the word ʿalaqah.

11 Feb 2015

Shabir Ally, University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, 25-27 May 2005

Mathematical Miracle in the Quran

Shabir Ally discusses apparently miraculous numerical correspondences in the Qurʾān.

5 Jul 2010

The Rationalizer

Embryology in the Quran

In this vlog, the Rationalizer argues against representations that the Qurʾān contains miraculous information about embryology.

27 Nov 2011

Yusuf Estes Peace TV

Evolution, Atheism and Islam

Yusuf Estes discusses how Islam may be proven with science.

2 Jul 2011

Abdur Raheem Green

What does Islam say about evolutionary theory?

Abdur-Raheem Green suggests that Muslims must accept the science of evolutionary theory for all creatures except humans, with the provision that God is “the evolver”.

25 Jun 2010