islamic astronomy, George Saliba, Islamic Civilization and Astronomy

Islamic Civilization and Astronomy

George Saliba sets out to debunk two myths about “Islamic science” — that it only carried forward Greek scientific ideas, and that “modern science” was created sui generis in Europe during the Renaissance.

18 Sep 2012

Alhambra trignometry

Discovering Math at the Alhambra in Al-Andalusia

This brief clip uses the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain as a example of the use of geometry and trigonometry.

16 Feb 2010

islamic geometry, DesignShra Company

Islamic Geometry 1

This brief video silently shows the steps used to create some of the basic shapes in used decoratively.

13 Aug 2012

Jim al-Khalili, Science & Islam

Science & Islam

Jim al-Khalili, a physics professor at the University of Surrey (UK), follows the study of science in the Islamic world from the 8th century onward, tracing it through the “House of Wisdom” in Baghdad to Copernicus’s developing of a heliocentric model of planetary motion based on observations and ideas he culled from Arabic-language sources.

27 Mar 2013