Nidhal Guessoum and Stefano Bigliardi, al-Akhawayn University, Ifrane Morocco

Islam and Contemporary Science: Partners, Enemies or Strangers?

Nidhal Guessoum, author and astrophysicis, joins moderator Stefano Bigliari to answer prepared questions from students in al-Akhawayn University in Morocco.

4 Apr 2018

Stop Spamming vlog on "Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik's Scientific Miracles #3 - Embryology", embryology quran

Stop Spamming on Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles #3

An evaluation of a video in which Stop Spamming expresses his disgust that a topic he had considered thoroughly debunked, embryology.

5 Jan 2018

vlog on embryology Quran, Mohammed Hijab, Abu Safiyya Mohammed Osman, Ayman Sebazzi

Is Dr. Zakir Naik Right About Embryology in the Quran?

This vlog presents three speakers discussing vocabulary related to embryology from the Qurʾān.

1 Jan 2018

Gasser Hathout, Science in the Quran Series, Video 1, Why Study the Issue of ‘Science in the Quran’?

Science in the Quran series, Video 1. Introduction

This short video introduces a lecture series of 23 videos. The stated purpose is to help Muslims come to a deeper understanding of the Qurʾān through science.

31 Mar 2017

Apostate Prophet, splitting Moon vlog

The Moon-Splitting Fairy Tale

The Apostate Prophet presents the lack of external evidence to support the narratives, found in both ḥadīth and the Qurʾān, that the Moon was split in order to demonstrate God’s power.

13 Apr 2018

Sabreen Syeed vlog, Physics of the Night Journey

Physics of the Night Journey of Prophet Muhammad

This video blog attempts to explain the “Night Journey” of the Prophet Muhammad by calling on concepts from modern physics.

4 Nov 2017

Ghilan miracles photo

Issues of Interpreting the Qur’an through Science

Mohamed Ghilan explains his logic for rejecting the use of so-called “scientific miracles” (iʿjāz ʿilmii).

12 Oct 2016

Stop Spamming response

Stop Spamming’s Response to ‘Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles #2’

Stop Spamming takes two iERA members to task for a number of errors of fact in their presentation, which is supposed to be a critique of Zakir Naik.

5 Nov 2017

Mohammed Hijab, Reacting to Science, Episode 2

Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Science and Quran, Episode 2

Mohammed Hijab and Abu Safiyya Mohammed Osman continue their examination of cosmology-related constructions from Zakir Naik and The Masked Arab, addressing ideas of a solar apex most prominently.

27 Oct 2017

Mohammed Hijab and Abu Safiyyah discuss scientific miracles

Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles #1

Evaluation of a video in which Mohammed Hijab and Abu Safiyyah discuss the Big Bang, the expansion of the universe and other topics and attempt to determine whether these topics should be used for proselytizing Islam.

20 Oct 2017

stop spamming, quranic miracles

A Reaction to a Reaction to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles (#1)

Stop Spamming provides his own analysis on a presentation about scientific miracles in the Qurʾān done in a vlog by Mohammed Hijab and Ali Safi, pointing out errors in logic and substance.

26 Oct 2017

attaie quran science

Rahmat Attaie’s Opening Video on Science in the Quran

Rahmat Attaie, a scientist from Texas A&M University, discusses Quranic presentations of the expansion of the universe and life being based on water in English and Persian.

17 Jun 2016