Gasser Hathout, Science in the Quran Series, Video 1, Why Study the Issue of ‘Science in the Quran’?

Science in the Quran series, Video 1. Introduction

This short video introduces a lecture series of 23 videos. The stated purpose is to help Muslims come to a deeper understanding of the Qurʾān through science.

31 Mar 2017

Apostate Prophet, Zakir Naik is embarassing, evolution

Zakir Naik Is Embarrassing

The Apostate Prophet in this video blog discusses a clip of a debate between Adnan Jihangir, an ex-Muslim, and Zakir Naik regarding the theory of evolution.

2 Mar 2018

Rana Dajani, Islam and Evolution, Faraday Instutute

Islam and Evolution: Is there a controversy?

Dr. Rana Dajani discusses evolution in the contemporary Arab world, using a wide variety of Qurʾānic verses to show that there is no necessary conflict.

1 Mar 2015

Subboor Ahmed and Mohammed Hijab, The Academic Problems of Darwinian Evolution

Academic Problems of Darwinian Evolution

Mohammed Hijab and Subboor Ahmed discuss biological evolution and whether or not it is true, or as they frame it, “certain”.

26 Sep 2017

Ahmed Zewail, Insight: Ideas for Change, discussing evolution

Ideas for Change – Ahmed Zewail

Ahmed Zewail, who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1999, discusses the importance of education for world development, including education about biological evolution. 

18 Mar 2013

Mohamed Ghilan image

Islam, Science and Evolution: Strengthening Belief in Times of Uncertainty

Mohamed Ghilan discusses evolution, doubt, and the interplay of classical religious training with scientific methodologies.

7 Nov 2015

Ilyas Ally and Shabir Ally

Understanding Christian Perspectives

Ilyas Ally and Shabir Ally discuss Christian understandings of creation/evolution as presented in two books.

14 Mar 2018

Mohamed Ghilan

Common Misconceptions of Theory and Fact in Science

Mohamed Ghilan discusses terms like “theory” in order to debunk those who try to push the non-acceptance of biological evolution by saying it is “only a theory”.

12 Oct 2016

evolution, Shabir Ally, Let the Quran Speak

The Evolution Series: Understanding the Theory

This segment of “Let the Quran Speak” presents host Aisha Khaja and Shabir Ally trying to unpack what makes biological evolution controversial.

23 Jan 2018

evolution, Shabir Ally, Let the Quran Speak, part 2

The Theory of Evolution: An Overview

Shabir Ally suggests that biological evolution as presented by Darwin always included the concept of a creator, and discusses some basic concepts of biological evolution.

19 Jan 2018

evolution, Shabir Ally, Let the Quran Speak

The Theory of Evolution: An Introduction

This short introduction is framed as a discussion between Aisha Khaja, the host, and Dr. Shabir Ally, president of the organization that sponsors the show. The two discuss why they

11 Dec 2017

Subboor Ahmed, Darwinian Evolution is Scientific

Darwinian Evolution is Scientific

Subboor Ahmed outlines separating religion and scientific study into different spheres in this brief vlog.

16 Sep 2017