Zaghloul El Naggar, Water in the Quran, Islam & Science

Islam and Science – Water in the Quran

In this episode of Science & Islam, Zaghloul El Naggar discusses how water came to be on Earth, and how its evaporation-rain cycle is described “miraculously” in the Qurʾān.

30 Apr 2011

The Masked Arab, Analysis of Zakir Naik’s claims

Analysis of Zakir Naik’s claims

This video blog from the Masked Arab presents errors he finds in Zakir Naik videos addressing science and the Qurʾān.

25 Dec 2014

the Rationalizer and WIlliam Hay

William Hay – Quote mined scientist denounces Quran miracle claims

This vlog presents the Rationalizer discussing quotes (from the mid 1980s) attributed to William Hay about the divine nature of the Qurʾān.

21 Nov 2011

Hamza Yusuf

Thoughts on the ‘Science Delusion’

In this vlog, Hamza Yusuf critiques scholars who he suggests select the “worst” of religion and set it against the best of science for comparison.

5 Mar 2009

EssenceOfTruth, islam miracles

Debunking Islamic Pseudo Science – The Mixing

This vlog argues against the ijaz (miracle) concept in the Qurʾān in terms of the mixing of salt and fresh waters.

31 May 2013

Maurice Bucaille

The Qur’an & Modern Science

Maurice Bucaille discusses material from his book about how the Quran presents ideas that were not known in the seventh century CE.

21 Jan 2012

Zakir Naik science

Is Islam the Solution for Humanity?

A long but incomplete video of a lecture on multiple topics by Zakir Naik.

14 Jun 2011