William Hay – Quote mined scientist denounces Quran miracle claims


21 Nov 2011

Miracles / Ijaz, Environment


William Hay

This vlog presents the Rationalizer discussing quotes (from the mid 1980s) attributed to William Hay  about the divine nature of the Qurʾān.  Hay, an oceanographer, was asked questions about Qurʾānic interpretations (in the 1980s) regarding ocean currents, material which he indicates was well known among fisherman and seaman before Muḥammad’s time.  They do not indicate what verses Hay was asked to interpret.

The Rationalizer seeks to put early quotes frequently reused in Muslim materials on iʿjāz into context.  He has vlogs with other speakers who are also often quoted on YouTube.


There is no mainstream Muslim group that holds that women have no souls.  Although Hay seems to attribute it to the Taliban, for the vast majority of Muslims anywhere the statement would be absurd.

There is little science here beyond general statements Hay makes about ocean currents.  That the facts were known in the 7th century already is also clear.  However, it is unlikely that either proponents or opponents of iʿjāz would be able to prove what Muḥammad did or did not know.  These are better addressed as questions of faith for believers.

About TheRationalizer

The Rationalizer is the user name for an anonymous vlogger (videos on YouTube since 2010) who began learning about Islam after he started learning Arabic in the UK.  Raised by agnostic and atheist parents, he also attended a school with required Christian assemblies, which provided a grounding in religious beliefs.  For a time as an adult he investigated Islam with a view to converting, but the claims for miracles in the Qurʾān (iʿjāz) led him to learn more about science and ancient beliefs, which ultimately led him down the path of becoming an atheist.

He works in the information technology industry as a business analyst and programmer.

To date (May 2015) he has created 25 videos about Islam, generally discussing errors in internet videos, often those associated with iʿjāz.  (The ones addressing science and Islam may be found on the Portal using the search feature in the upper right corner of the site.)

In addition to his YouTube account, the Rationalizer is active on social media such as Twitter and the forums at CouncilOfExMuslims.com.