Symbol Key

Every video on the site has been evaluated for its presentation in three areas:  Religion (Islam), Science (here the natural sciences), and History.  These evaluations have been done based on current academic scholarship.  (See more on this under the “About” link.)

In each of these three areas, a video may receive one of three (or in the case of history, four) scores, which are represented by the symbols shown below.

Videos receiving positive scores will display these symbols:

Islam – positive


Science – positive


History – positive

Negative scores, that is, videos with major problems in a particular area, are represented with these symbols:

Islam – negative


Science – negative


History – negative

Videos that have mixed results or no major problems are represented with these symbols:

Islam_neut science_neut history_neut

Some videos do not include any history content.  They are represented with this symbol:


Other symbols used on the site:

vid len   Length of the video in minutes:seconds

vid upload date   Date the video was uploaded to its original site (YouTube, Vimeo etc.), given as Day Month Year.

vid fields     Top two fields the video addresses (astronomy, mathematics, etc)

vid speaker     Speaker(s).  For videos with more than two speakers, they will be listed in the video’s description.  When there is no named speaker, there will be nothing beside this symbol.