Shabir Ally and Aisha Khaja discuss biological evolution in an Islamic context. Wrap-up of a series on evolution for "Let the Quran Speak".

Theory of Evolution Series Wrap-up

Aisha Khaja and Shabir Ally close their series on biological evolution by discussing Adam and Eve and the problems of discussing evolution in an Islamic context.

23 Aug 2018

Stop Spamming, Embryology vs Koran - "There Is No Clash"

Embryology vs Koran

This video blog by Stop Spamming addresses a video about embryology in the Qurʾān by a relatively new group, There Is No Clash.

30 May 2018

A Sperm’s Journey and Embryology in Quran, Clare Forestier, There Is No Clash, embryology quran

A Sperm’s Journey and Embryology in Quran

Host Clare Forestier discusses human embryology, and presents verses in the Qurʾān that she asserts demonstrate the same material.

1 Mar 2018

Evolution - importance and religious integration - a chat with Dr. Salman Hameed, evolution muslims

Evolution: Importance and Religious Integration

Salman Hameed defines and discusses the relationships between Muslims and biological evolution through natural selection. 

1 May 2015

Ahmad Dallal, "In the Shadow of Modernity", 28 Feb 2008

4. In the Shadow of Modernity. Islam, Science, and the Challenge of History

Ahmad Dallal discusses science in the 19th and 20th centuries in the Muslim world, arguing that the modern Muslim world is not informed by a culture of science.

11 Dec 2014

Islam, Modern Science, Evolution: Conflict or Harmony? Nidhal Guessoum, 2016

Islam, Modern Science, Evolution: Conflict or Harmony?

Nidhal Guessoum discusses the framing of science and Islam, with a particular focus on biological evolution, including human evolution.

11 Apr 2016

John Fontain, Warning, There Is No Clash

Warning! There Is No Clash

John Fontain speaks against a video, which says that biological evolution can be found in the Qurʾān.  Fontain urges “the Muslims” not to watch or share the video.

3 May 2018

Subboor Ahmed, Islam, Evolution and Darwinism, iERA evolution

Islam, Evolution and Darwinism

Subboor Ahmad, a speaker for iERA, discusses “Darwinian evolution”. He presents it as the dominant model, and encourages the audience to accept it, yet he also tries to present it as inherently flawed.

21 Apr 2017

Clare Forestier, "Quran confirms evolution and human African roots", ThereIsNoClash

Quran confirms evolution and human African roots

Host Clare Forestier presents biological evolution, particularly that of humans, and suggests that verses in the Qurʾān demonstrate the same material.

20 April 2018

Stop Spamming on Hijab & Osman's Reacting to Zakir Naik's Scientific Miracles #4, debunking scientific miracles

Stop Spamming’s Comment on ‘Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles #4’

An evaluation of Stop Spamming’s comment on Mohammed Hijab and Mohammed Osman’s fourth video supporting scientific miracles.

14 Jan 2018

Nidhal Guessoum and Stefano Bigliardi, al-Akhawayn University, Ifrane Morocco

Islam and Contemporary Science: Partners, Enemies or Strangers?

Nidhal Guessoum, author and astrophysicis, joins moderator Stefano Bigliari to answer prepared questions from students in al-Akhawayn University in Morocco.

4 Apr 2018

Stop Spamming vlog on "Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik's Scientific Miracles #3 - Embryology", embryology quran

Stop Spamming on Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles #3

An evaluation of a video in which Stop Spamming expresses his disgust that a topic he had considered thoroughly debunked, embryology.

5 Jan 2018