Stop Spamming’s Comment on ‘Reacting to Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles #4’


14 Jan 2018

Miracles / I'jaz, Embryology

Stop Spamming

This video comments on the fourth in the Mohammed Hijab/Abu Safiyya Mohammed Osman series of videos.  That series seeks to address — generally positively — “scientific miracles” or iʿjāz ʿilmii.  Stop Spamming’s comments seek to debunk poor representations of science in these materials.

Stop Spamming spends most of this video addressing issues around embryology, which was a relatively minor point in the original video.  In particular, he makes much of Hijab’s conflation of the terms “sperm” and “semen”.  As he notes, this ground has been well covered by a number of earlier critique videos, so well, in fact, that it’s rather surprising that Hijab and Osman have dredged it up again.

Stop Spamming notes Osman’s broad linguistic interpretations by clipping them together toward the end of the video, parodying their presentation of “certainty”. He also plays up Hijab’s rejection of a particular ḥadīth (report of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muḥammad) from Saḥīḥ Muslim, which he suggests “torpedoes all Sunni Islam and renders Islam useless.”

As he steps through the other claims in the original video, which present generally linguistic “evidence” rather than scientific material, Stop Spamming draws upon the prior debunking of these “miracles” to repeatedly suggest that Hijab and Osman are lying.  He shows the pair laughing heartily over a Qurʾānic passaging about cattle being “sent down”, suggesting that they do not accept the literal meaning of the Qurʾān.

Although Stop Spamming states that he does not use his material against all Muslims (min. 5:03), he later does precisely that (min. 12:26, 14:40, 16:30, and 23:44).

Stop Spamming helpfully provides a long list of sources and resources in the description to his video.

An evaluation of the original video may be found on the Portal.


Islam:  In this video, although Stop Spamming sometimes suggests he’s only talking about the two “Muslim apologists” who made the video he’s commenting on, he also suggests that all Muslims do not have the ability to reason critically because of their upbringing, or “normal Muslims” all accept the material presented by Hijab and Osman, or that things not mentioned by the Qurʾān are somehow disallowed.  These are simply not true.

Science:  Stop Spamming’s scientific material is accepted by contemporary scientists.

History:  The historical presentation reflects contemporary understanding of the history of science.