Quran & Science Part II : Embryology


6 Feb 2012

Embryology, Miracles / I'jaz

Muhammad Alagroudy (el-ʿAgrūdī)

This video presents vague ideas about embryology and the Qurʾān, citing various sources, at least some of which have discredited the quotations attributed to them.

The primary speaker is Muhammad Alagroudy (as spelled in the video, which might also be spelled al-ʿAjrūdī or el-ʿAgrūdī), apparently a pharmacist from Cairo by training.  Interspersed between parts of his presentation are recitations of the Qurʾān, with sometimes include English translations and never include references to the verses being recited.

Those without a background in Arabic will likely find the presentation difficult to follow, even when they’re speaking English.  The video includes Arabic subtitles throughout. The video is unusual for providing credits at the end, in the final 30 seconds.

Scholars mentioned in the video:  G.C. Goeringer, Nicolaas Hartsoeker (preformation theory), Theodor Schwann & Matthias Schleiden (cell theory), Oscar Hertwig (1875, sperm fertilizing ovum), Maurice Bucaille

From the credits:  Narrator, Ahmed Alshemy
Assistant director, Osama El-Talbany
Idea and direction:  Wael Abdullah
Produced by Wells Box Design House


The material on Islam is within the bounds of what Muslims have historically understood as acceptable.  However, some of the Qurʾānic interpretations offered in the video will not be accepted by all Muslims.

The presentation of the history of scientific understanding of the fertilization of the human embryo is correct to the extent it can be extracted from the vague statements presented.  It should be noted that Gerald Goeringer, quoted in the video, has said his comments were taken out of context, a problem common with statements of other scholars from the same conference.