Embryology in the Quran Much Ado About Nothing – Hamza Tzortzis Refuted


22 Sep 2012

Embryology, Miracles / I'jaz


Hamza Tzortzis

This vlog (video blog) by CaptainDisguise looks at Hamza Tzortzis’ construction of embryology in the Qurʾān and engages Tzortzis in a discussion about the word nuṭfah, which is commonly represented to be the first stage of human fetal development in the iʿjāz-embryology materials. He demonstrates that Tzortzis has mistranslated the term, and that this word, which is supposed to represent the first forty days of the embryo, cannot do so.

The video blog includes labels that link to an article/blog responding to Tzortzis as well as links to objections and replies to the vlog and blog.

The clip of Tzortzis is undated, although it seems to be rather old.


Muslims may object to the last two minutes of the vlog, proclaiming that the Qurʾān is wrong (about embryology) and Muḥammad was wrong (in a ḥadīth).  This is the reverse form of iʿjāz, since rather than considering other possible interpretations of the material, the speaker is only rejecting it.  Otherwise, care is taken in an effort to understand exactly what was meant by the texts by using Arabic dictionaries.

The science discussion here hinges on Tzortzis’ definitions of the word nuṭfah, which he says is a drop of fluid.  CaptainDisguise argues that the word seems to have meant the male ejaculate, also understood as a small amount of fluid.  The science presented seems more intent on debunking Tzortzis than a close examination of the Qurʾānic material or the ḥadīth.  However, there is little here suggesting what the correct understanding of the science presented would be.

There is insufficient historical material on which to base an evaluation.

About Hamza Tzortzis

Hamza Tzortzis is of Greek origin, though he was born and raised in London, England. Raised in Hackney, a rougher part of London, Tzortzis became involved in gang life and never finished a university degree after a plagiarism scandal. Following his difficulties in academics, he pursued project management in the business field; however, after a few encounters with Muslim friends, Tzortzis became more and more interested in Islam.

Tzortzis is now well known for delivering controversial lectures, workshops, and courses at various universities across the world on Islamic thought, in addition to participating in various debates where he uses philosophy to defend Islam. His interests lie around Islam, politics, and philosophy. Tzortzis is in charge of the Islamic Education and Research Academy’s (iERA) research team, and is also an instructor for AlKauthar Institute, a proselytizing organization.

As of 2015, Tzortzis is active on social media networks, operating public Facebook and Twitter pages, each with thousands of followers. His personal website also hosts his collection of research, debates, and lectures.

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