World famous embryologist PZ Myers proves the Quran is man made


28 Jun 2011

Embryology, Miracles / I'jaz

PZ Myers


This video blog (vlog) from The Rationalizer uses a clip showing PZ Myers discussing embryological material from the Qurʾān with a Muslim, who is trying to present it as miraculously accurate and therefore proof of the text coming from God.  (A very short clip is available on the Portal here; a more complete version is on the Portal here.)

Using Wehr’s Arabic dictionary and Lane’s Lexicon (neither of which, notably, are what Qurʾānic scholars would use for seventh century Arabic), The Rationalizer looks at the meaning of thumma and a closely associated word, fa, in this verse of the Qurʾān (41.10-12).  He also examines the book to which the off-screen Muslim refers, which he points out is a particular edition of Moore’s book, with sections rewritten by al-Zindani.  His purpose is to try to show how some Muslims have sought to present the material as miraculous, a form of iʿjāz.


Although some Muslims interpret Qurʾānic material on embryology as miraculous, others who do not. The original Muslim (Adnan Rashid, formerly of iERA) who is talking to PZ Myers is not interpreting the Qurʾān in a way that Qurʾānic scholars would find acceptable. PZ Myer’s comment that the Qurʾān is wrong only pertains to the topic of embryology and the question of miraculousness. The Rationalizer does not specifically talk about Islam, beyond showing a translation of a short segment of the Qurʾān.

PZ Myers is himself an embryologist, and his representation that bones and flesh/muscles are developing together is accepted by most scholars.  The difficulty of absolute truth here is that the Qurʾān, and those talking about the Qurʾān, are not talking about a specific part of the body or time of development.  The Rationalizer shows very short segments of the edition of Moore’s book, which may or may not support his suppositions — the presentation is not particularly clear.

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