Rutabaga, celeriac, and leek mash

  Rutabaga, celeriac, and leek mash (vegan, gluten-free) By Reeve Gutsell If you want to really jazz up your Thanksgiving meal, this very simple recipe provides a great variation on the same-old, same-old mashed potatoes theme. Far more complex in flavors than standard mashed potatoes, this combination of celeraic, rutabagas, and leeks will have your guests asking for your secret. Best thing – it’s r
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overflowing angel food cake

A few basic cooking tips

A Few Basic Cooking Tips   In a hurry? Don’t just crank up the heat, which will cause your food to be burned on the outside and raw on the inside – yuck! Instead, cover the food with a lid or tin foil, which will trap the heat and speed up the cooking process. For better or for worse, this will also trap moisture; if the food needs a crispy exterior, remove the covering and turn up the heat for a few minut
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