Rutabaga, celeriac, and leek mash

  Rutabaga, celeriac, and leek mash (vegan, gluten-free) By Reeve Gutsell If you want to really jazz up your Thanksgiving meal, this very simple recipe provides a great variation on the same-old, same-old mashed potatoes theme. Far more complex in flavors than standard mashed potatoes, this combination of celeraic, rutabagas, and leeks will have your guests asking for your secret. Best thing – it’s r
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bowl of colcannon

Colcannon: traditional Irish fare

Colcannon (gluten-free, contains dairy, optional meat) by Reeve Gutsell This traditional Irish potato dish is often made with either cabbage or kale. For meat eaters, it goes very well in combination with sausages, bacon, or corned beef.  The Hampshire College Farm sells both farm-raised sausages and bacon at the Hampstore if you are interested in keeping your meal local. As a side note, this dish is often associated
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Be More Cheerful; Eat More Kale

First things first, on this last day of October: Yay Red Sox!! And Happy (Hampshire) Halloween! It's only too bad that the weather outside is not in tune with the festive celebrations we should be having today. The weather is cooperating, though, with the recipe I'm going to post. Damp, chilly weather makes soup almost an imperative.
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Roasted Winter Squash and Leek Soup

There are two things that are making me believe that fall is really here, even if the weather outside doesn't really feel like it. One is that my calendar now says October. The other is that winter squash are now plentiful at the Hampshire CSA and in our corner of the world in general.
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