side dish

Rutabaga, celeriac, and leek mash

  Rutabaga, celeriac, and leek mash (vegan, gluten-free) By Reeve Gutsell If you want to really jazz up your Thanksgiving meal, this very simple recipe provides a great variation on the same-old, same-old mashed potatoes theme. Far more complex in flavors than standard mashed potatoes, this combination of celeraic, rutabagas, and leeks will have your guests asking for your secret. Best thing – it’s r
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bowl of beet soup

Beautiful beets – amazing beet soup and Moroccan carrot and beet slaw

  Beets   Beets are an astounding vegetable. Both the roots and the greens are edible. They can be eaten raw, cooked, or pickled. The red juice can be used as a dye, as you will no doubt discover when it runs all over your cutting board (though don’t worry, the juice washes out easily unless it gets “fixed“). Commercially, they are used as a source of sugar, accounting for approximately 20
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