Div III Blogs and Profiles

This page is for sharing Div III Blogs and Websites. You will find there are many ways to see Div III’s of all sorts: The Div III Showcase, located on the main floor of the Harold F. Johnson Library, is an exhibit space designed to display Div III works in multiple forms – text, still images, video, animation, and 3-dimensional objects. Designed by Hampshire alum Michael Meo (08F) as the core of his own Div III project, the Showcase is a space for students, prospective students, faculty, and staff to browse Div III works, explore the online Division III Archive, understand the Div III process, and announce and learn about upcoming Div III-related events.

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Div III Student Blogs and Websites

Many students create blogs or websites as part of their Division III work. Please add yours to the mix for your peers and future Div III students to learn more about your Div III experience! Send the link and a brief description to archives@hampshire.edu.

Jules Cowan: States of Emergency (2014) — Jules’ Division III thesis investigates the connections between the United Statesʼ and Israel’s military and police apparatuses since September 11th, 2001. The research exposes overlapping drone technologies, military corporations, police trainings, and logics of state surveillance. Throughout, he outlines the critical role of media and political rhetoric in framing U.S. and Israeli military powers. This platform of long-form journalism challenges the traditional medium and distribution of academic writing, seeking a more interactive process of engaging with political philosophy, research and analysis. It embodies a distinct media narrative in the form of a digital media text. Poetry, audio mixes and visual graphics fasten the following arguments with creative modes of testimony, while the urgency of militarized occupations unite the following components as networks of anti-colonial struggle.

Luna Goldberg: Presence in the Absence: Re-Imagining the Lower East Side (2015) — Luna’s Division III thesis deals with the representation of collective memory and history in the Museum at Eldridge Street in New York’s Lower East Side. As part of her thesis, she wrote about various aspects of life on Lower East Side at the turn of the 20th century and created visual works mirroring her chapters. Her blog is a digital copy of her catalog bringing together the narratives that inspired her work with images of the pieces she created in response to historical events, spaces and objects.

Megan Howard: Culturally Relevant Inclusive Education and Arts Integration (2015) — Megan’s Division III project explored arts education in Hawaii. Her blog includes interviews with children and adults.

Louisa Lebwohl: Imagining the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (2014) — Louisa’s Div III project was a year-long exploration, primarily in writing, of the construction of memory around the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

Olivia Vazquez: Finding Home (2015) — Olivia’s Div III project was an interactive sound installation, exploring the ideas of home, place, and belonging. The piece was on display in the Hampshire College Art Gallery in March 2015.